Zach Watson

Zach Watson is an author, a TEDx speaker, and a YouTube content creator.  He is also an eighth-grade mathematics teacher with an undeniable passion for education.  Zach’s YouTube involvement began as a way to promote his book, Ideas over Coffee.  Today, his YouTube channel Think Share serves as an outreach for adolescents.  Zach describes his work as,Remember when you where in grade school and you loved getting your teacher off on a tangent, partially because it got you out of learning, but you really enjoyed hearing your teacher talk passionately about something? That’s the Think Share.”

Think Share is inspired by his students, however people of all ages and walks of life can benefit from Zach’s work.  Zach discusses everything from mindfulness to current events and book reviews.  He even created a music parody remix (with more to come)!  Zach is drawn YouTube’s endless opportunities.  His contributions to the YouTube community have allowed him to create friends world-wide.

Zach exemplifies perseverance and dedication.  His commitment to helping others drives Zach to publish fascinating content to Think Share everyday.

Zach’s body of work is diverse, yet his message to viewers is concrete.  His message is this:

The world is your playground and workshop. Who dare judges your creativity?  What sense do they have?  Experiment, play, and create at every opportunity.  Utilize whatever resources you have. You may feel that engaging in the world is like exposing yourself to the cold.  You may be afraid that raw-red vulnerability antagonizes the world to take advantage of your heart and dismantle your soul.  Break past these fears.  Your fragility is your strength, and your art is your warmth.  Fear is instinctive.  Creation is intentional.  Choose a life of intention.

Zach is a Pathshaker.

YouTube Name:  Think Share

YouTube Upload Schedule:  Everyday

Channel Category: Books and Education, Lifestyle, Music, People and Blogs

Twitter: @extrawatson

Instagram: @zachthinkshare

Facebook: Zachary Watson Author

Permission was granted by Zach Watson to promote his work.  All photos and videos were created by Zach Watson and belong to him.