The Pathshaker Tag

Tag!  You’re It!

Pathshaker is inspired by artists who exude depth and courage.  We scour the internet for modern day pioneers.  We long for Content Creators who aspire to change the world.

The Pathshaker Tag was designed for authenticity.  If you choose to participate in the Pathshaker Tag, consider yourself brave and bold.

By answering these questions, you gain a deeper awareness of self.  If you seek to add profound insight to your brand, then the Pathshaker Tag was created for you.

You embody originality, positivity, and leadership.  You inspire others.

We encourage you to bring your creativity to the Pathshaker Tag and answer these questions anyway you choose. Once you have uploaded your work, you may submit your link HERE and we will Feature your video on Pathshaker.

You are a Pathshaker.

Question 1:  What is a quote you live by? Why?

Question 2:  When was the last time you took a stand for something you believe in?  What was the cause and what did you do to change the situation?

Question 3:  What is your biggest accomplishment?  What did you sacrifice to accomplish it?

Question 4:  What is your biggest insecurity?  How will you overcome it?

Question 5:  What is your gift/talent to the world?  How will you share it with others?

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