Nomi Mizuki

Piquetures by artist Nomi Mizuki is where allure and adventure collide.  Nomi’s limitless imagination creates a sea of wonder and whimsy for audiences to explore.

Nomi describes her work as a catalog of creative videoscapes inspired by art and travel.  When asked to delve into the inspiration behind her dynamic style she states, “Art is the physical manifestation of the adventures of the heart; travel is the collection of experiences that fill the mind with wonder. Together, engaging in art and travel has helped me discover my own identity (which, for the record, is a constant work-in-progress) and, more importantly, given me the freedom to pursue my own happiness.”

Nomi’s ability to conceptualize complex projects yields masterpieces. Her commitment to creating art that is thoughtful and intentional radiates throughout her work.  Each of her vivacious videoscapes takes a minimum of two months to create.  Nomi often collaborates with Content Creators in juxtaposed fields to push her creative boundaries and complement her glorious imagination.  Nomi’s perceptible volume of dimension, technique, and tact warrants insurmountable acclaim.

Through art, Nomi has built cherished relationships with fellow Creatives around the world.  These intimate friendships have aided her while traveling abroad and in perusing her creative efforts.

Nomi’s dreamy nature summons her to creative careers.  Nomi states, “I am a Website Developer by day, and a sleep-deprived Creative by night.”  Her future goals include gaining financial independence through creative pursuits as well as monetary investing.

Art and travel have given Nomi the freedom to peruse her own happiness.  Her message to viewers is this: “My hope is for my works to give you pause – and inspire you to chase your own happiness.  Happiness is freedom.”

Enthralling and daring, Piquetures evokes emotions of awe and wanderlust.  Nomi’s technical brilliance and gift for artistic expression leaves nothing to be desired.

Nomi is a Pathshaker.

YouTube Name:  Piquetures

YouTube Upload Schedule: Every 2-3 months

Channel Category: Lifestyle, People and Blogs, Film and Animation

Instagram: Piquetures

Permission was granted by Nomi Mizuki to promote her work.  All photos and videos were created by Nomi Mizuki and belong to her.