Nancy Chidi

Content creator Nancy Chidi captures life through film.  This self-proclaimed “well adjusted millennial” creates art brimmed with beauty and depth.  Nancy grants viewers access to her artistic and academic endeavors with the hopes of uplifting others.

Nancy recently began university and is studying to become an Obstetrician/Gynecologist.  Although she is fascinated with medicine, her love of art and photography oblige her to create stunning cinematography and photographs.  Throughout her art, Nancy alludes to her Nigerian American heritage and shares insightful perspectives about her varied experiences.  From beauty tutorials to photography how-to videos, Nancy provides audiences with an array of fresh content.

Nancy strives to create an artistic atmosphere that is colorful and free.  She states that exploring artistic diversity is imperative to her creative processes and propels her innovation.  Her “if you can dream it, do it” attitude is compelling to witness and beckons audiences to revel in her creative endeavors.

Nancy is a Pathshaker.

YouTube Name:  Vournalist

YouTube Upload Schedule: Weekly (primarily Sundays)

Channel Category: Beauty, Lifestyle, Fashion, Music, Film and Animation

Twitter: Vournalist

Instagram: Vournalist

Permission was granted by Nancy Chidi to promote her work.  All photos and videos were created by Nancy Chidi and belong to her.