Keliee Yu

Keliee Yu started her photography business at age 15.  Her impressive techniques launched her into photographing for Google while she was in high school.  Today, she continues to create stellar content that captivates.

Artsy, unique, and colorful, Keliee’s work lends itself to vibrant renditions of fashion look-books, vlogs, and tutorial videos. Keliee captures her life through cinematic stories and exquisite photography.  Although she is accomplished in her art, Keliee relishes the work of fellow content creators who stimulate her imagination.  Keliee plans to travel the world and is drawn to YouTube for its diversity of culture and art.

Keliee has distributed her art throughout social media.  Her expertise in social media allow her to create content for new and established brands.  Keliee’s ultimate goal is to begin a lifestyle company that emboldens others.  She wants her viewers to know that age is a social construct that often hinders people from reaching their goals.  She believes that the young, old, and those in-between must all do what they love.  Drive and ambition turns dreams into reality, not age.

Keliee embodies originality, positivity, and leadership.  She inspires others.

Keliee is a Pathshaker.

YouTube Name:  itskeliee

YouTube Upload Schedule:  Twice a week

Channel Category:  Lifestyle, Fashion, Film and Animation


Twitter: @itskeliee

Instagram: @itskeliee and @itskelieephoto

Permission was granted by Keliee Yu to promote her work.  All photos and videos were created by Keliee Yu and belong to her.