Jarvis Johnson

YouTube Content Creator Jarvis Johnson examines life, tech, and motivation through a comedic lens.  Jarvis’ charismatic charm captivates audiences, but his vulnerability melts hearts.  Jarvis’ relatable nature and quick-witted humor creates magic that electrifies.

Jarvis graduated from Georgia Tech University with a degree in Computer Science.  He interned with Yelp and Google, and now works as a Software Engineer in Silicone Valley.  Jarvis shares his varied experiences, failures, and triumphs to inspire others.  Although he is committed to academia and his career, Jarvis reminds viewers that, “These moments are treasures, nothing is all that serious.  Let’s have fun.”

Jarvis’s creative talents expand beyond YouTube.  He is also co-host of the comedy podcast Sad BoyzThrough personal anecdotes and amusing banter, the Sad Boyz expose the nuanced gracelessness of humanity.

Whether watching one of his tech talk videos or listening to his podcasts about awkward Thanksgiving dinner conversations, viewers can expect stunning, high-quality content.  Relatable and entertaining, Jarvis’ brilliance radiates throughout his work.

Jarvis is a Pathshaker.

YouTube Name:  Jarvis Johnson

YouTube Upload Schedule:  Twice a month

Channel Category:  Comedy, Tech, People and Blogs

Podcast: Sad Boyz

Twitter: @jarvis

Instagram: magicjarvis

Facebook: jarvisistryinghisbest

Permission was granted by Jarvis Johnson to promote his work.  All photos and videos were created by Jarvis Johnson and belong to him.