You MUST Collaborate as a Content Creator! Here is Why.

Let’s Collaborate, Shall We?!

Take a minute to think about how wondrous the mind is. Now, multiply that magnificence by 100 and, alas, you have a glimpse into the mind of a Creative.  Numerous researchers have studied what drives the artist to create.  With all that’s been discovered, one thing’s for certain – there is strength in numbers.  You MUST collaborate.  Here is why:

Increased Support

Often times, the creative mind is adept to feelings of anxiety, confusion, and loneliness. Without someone close to snap you out of your trance, creative block may begin and sabotage your success.

Collaborations may very well be the secret you need to keep your spirits up.

Create with those who understand what it means to be a unicorn in a world full of critics.

Having someone in your corner to say, “It’s ok! You got this! And I know because I’ve been there…” really goes a long way. It takes a specific mindset to choose to live the life of a creator – and it takes an equally crazy creative partner to offer moral support when you really need it.

When you collaborate with a group of talented professionals, everyone can use their personal strengths to support the collective.  Situations that you may have struggled with in the past will become easier to manage.  You will be able to exchange tips, tricks and resources to help push you and your partners to your creative capacity.

Increased Creativity

New ideas spark new ideas.  When you collaborate, you build a safe space to brainstorm and feed off the creative juices of other Creatives. When you’re supported by a team that understands what it means to be a unicorn in a world full of critics, you’ll wake up feeling stronger, wiser, determined and inspired.

Two friends collaborate

Photo by Trust “Tru” Katsande


Studies have shown that content creators often struggle with procrastination.  According to Dr. Timothy Pychyl, purposeful delay in completing creative tasks may boost creative efforts, however purposeful delay and procrastination are not one in the same.

According to Dr Pychyl, “Procrastination typically results in rushed, last-minute efforts, not careful consideration of the task at hand”.

Joining a tribe of ambitious leaders helps you stay on track.   Collaborate with others to hold you accountable.   Knowing that your tribe is depending on you to produce will keep your attention span in check.

Greater Focus + Higher Productivity = Maximum Reward

Increased Opportunity

In the world of business, your network equals your net worth.  As the saying goes, “It’s not what you know…”.  Collaborating with the right people is like making a deposit into your future. Your partner may have access to businesses (or people) who can help take your career to the next level. Regardless of what line of business you’re in, word of mouth will always be the ace that can help you succeed.


It’s bigger than you. Always has been and always will be. As we mentioned earlier, the content you create has the power to impact more people than you will ever know.  Collaborating with New ideas spark new ideas.others expands your world view and matures your artistic talents.  When you develop a nurturing environment, first within yourself, then through your collaborations, your world begins to change – and then you begin to change the world.

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Feature Photo by John Schnobrich