Creative Block? Here’s What to Do.

For creative types, ideas and inspiration are easy to come by.  We have a unique way of viewing the world.  We understand that original concepts arise from the mundane.  Yet, every now and again our creative attempts seem hopeless.  We study sunsets, hike through the wilderness, scuba-dive with dolphins, listen to Beyoncé.  But nothing helps.  We are stuck.  Creative block has won again.  Fret not dear friend.  All is not lost.  By practicing these four tips, you will once again feel like a magnificent rainbow of creativity!

Expose Yourself to Something New

Although you have a creative gift, it is your responsibility to continue developing your talents.  Exposure to new surroundings, foods, music, people, etc., expand your reference of creativity.  It is creatively irresponsible to limit yourself to the same experiences.  If you disregard your need to explore, creative block is inevitable.  What’s worse?  When you do create, your work will feel stagnant and lack inspiration.  This is a creative’s nightmare!  Fortunately, this reality can be avoided if you embrace the beauty of exploration.

Seek Influence though Diversity

People are fascinating.  Imagine yourself at  your local Starbucks.  You are surrounded by diverse genders, ages, and cultures.  You are strangers. Yet your individual journeys have summoned you to this coffee shop.  Despite your differences, in this moment, you are undeniably similar.  Disengage from your comfort zone to achieve enlightenment.  Accept wisdom from an elder, seek truth from a child, develop courage from a survivor, and broaden your insights through a foreigner.  Imagine your creative depths with such rich influence!  Creative Block will be a memory of distant pasts.

The Link Between Meditation and Creativity

Steps one and two encourage extroverted activities to minimize creative block.  Seeking inspiration from the outside world is an integral part of the creative process.  However, being inspired from within is imperative too.  Meditation is the art of self-reflection and understanding.  Without this principle, creative clarity, focus, patience, and insight will be hard to come by.  Master creators fluidly intertwine opposing ideals in their work.  In their comedy, there is truth.  They provide colour for every shadow.  Master creators have perfected the art of balance.  It would be in your best interest to do the same.  Meditation is key.

Complete These Steps Everyday

The best way to combat creative block is to prevent it from occurring!  It is not enough to perform these steps when you are in a Creative Block crisis.  Strengthening your creative powers must occur every day!  There are an abundance of ways to learn and stay engaged with new experiences.  Introduce your mind to new concepts and meditate on your understanding.  It is your duty to create.  Life imitates art.  You have the power to change the world.

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Photo by Isaiah Rustad