Chloe Van Leeuwen

Chloe Van Leeuwen was diagnosed with a heart abnormality in April of 2017.  Her quest for a creative outlet after her diagnoses lead Chloe to join the YouTube community.

Chloe developed a beauty and lifestyle channel where she encourages others to feel positive about themselves.  Chloe’s make-up techniques are striking, but her authenticity is irresistible.  Chloe speaks about her personal struggles while creating an atmosphere of fun and inspiration.

Chloe enjoys video production, but confirms that the YouTube community is what keeps her motivated.  She states that finding like-minded individuals bolsters her confidence and makes achieving her goals more attainable.  Content creation and contributing to the well-being of others fuels Chloe’s journey to self-happiness.  Perspective in life is of the utmost importance to Chloe.  She states that where there is joy, there is hope.  Chloe reminds her subscribers that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Chloe is a Pathshaker.

YouTube Name:  makeupbychloe_x

YouTube Upload Schedule:  1-2 videos per month

Channel Category: Beauty, Lifestyle


Twitter: @cvanleeuwen93

Instagram: @makeupbychloe_x

Facebook: makeupbychloe_x

Snapchat: chloevanleeuwen


Permission was granted by Chloe Van Leeuwen to promote her work.  All photos and videos were created by Chloe Van Leeuwen and belong to her.