Cally Brooks

YouTuber Cally Brooks creates beauty, fashion, and lifestyle videos. Her diverse channel ranges from make-up tutorials to Vlogs that highlight her daily routine.

The creative freedom YouTube provides is imperative to Cally.  She celebrates the unique qualities of every YouTuber, and strives to be transparent with her viewers.  Her messages of non-conformity and self-love resonate with subscribers, as she openly shares her struggles with confidence and finding her path in life.

Cally Brooks is studying for her Bachelor’s of Arts in Journalism.  Her passion for YouTube video creation compels her to spend countless hours creating fun, relatable content that arouses joy in her viewers. Cally’s impressive three video uploads per week demonstrates her commitment to her channel.  Cally divulges that the rigors of YouTube production can be overwhelming at times, but states that she will continue to work diligently to create content that brings happiness to others.

Cally Brooks is a Pathshaker.

YouTube Name:  Cally Brooks

YouTube Upload Schedule:  Vlog – Monday and Wednesday , Chat Video – Friday

Channel Category: Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

Twitter: callybrooksx

Instagram: callybrooksx

Snapchat: callybrooksx


Permission was granted by Cally Brooks to promote her work.  All photos and videos were created by Cally Brooks and belong to her.